Have to admit that I have been a bit slow on the updating of my blog, as several of you have mentioned. However, will the next month sail across the Atlantic from Virgin Island to Gibraltar and hopefully have enough time to write, so if everything goes as planed my blog will be «more updated» in May. You can also follow me on FB, which are more updated.

Have continued the travels and the page «TRAVELS» is now updated. Will here give a short summary of 2014:

2014 was a wonderful year and made a real impact on my bucket list, where some highlights were climbing Europe’s and South America’s highest mountains (Elbrus 5642 m and Aconcagua 6962 m), visiting all countries in the Pacific and tested several of the world’s best dive sites, some legendary road-trips (Trans-Siberian railway, Route 66 and Pamir Highway), Burning Man 2014, Las Vegas and Bull Run in Pamplona, Big Game fishing in Madagascar with my bro and Canada and the world record with 19 visited countries in 24 hours. But the people I encountered have left as great impression, from finance ministers to drug dealers, princesses to prostitutes, business leaders to homeless people and everyone in-between. I have seen more than I can remember in 2014, but it’s the inspiring people who have broadened my horizon the most.

Key figures 2014: Visited 55 countries, of which 19 during the world record, 84 flights, 17 boats, 12 trains, 8 cars, 2 mules and 1 helicopter (all carbon neutral). Been featured on 6 occasions in about 170 newspapers throughout the world, and hope I’ve inspired a few to pursue their dreams; Explore, Dream, Discover!»